Sherpa Software's Discovery Attender Product Overview

Just recently released to YouTube, Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender product overview video gives a great high-level summary of our product in a very interesting video format. Sherpa’s Discovery Attender is an ediscovery solution that makes searches for ediscovery, security, HR or other purposes much easier.

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Sherpa Software, providing ediscovery and information management solutions that are practical, reliable and affordable.

If navigating through mountains of data has become an overwhelming and costly challenge, there is a better way.  Welcome to Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender, a software tool designed to streamline the search and collection of electronically stored information from PST files, Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint, network shares and much, much, more.

IT administrators, litigation support personnel and security consultants worldwide use the power of Discovery Attender to comply with legal requests and investigate internal misconduct.  They count on its ability to automate time intensive tasks while significantly cutting costs associated with electronic search and discovery.

Why? Discovery Attender’s attractive pricing model, along with its small footprint and overall flexibility, make it the ideal tool for fulfilling critical functions for organizations of any size.

Take a look what Discovery Attender can do for you!

Discovery Attender is easy to use right from the start. Installation on a laptop, desktop or server typically takes less than five minutes.

Discovery Attender’s intuitive wizard will guide you step-by-step through the creation of a search. Expansive criteria including keywords, regular expressions, addresses, and dates limit your collection to relevant documents.  Built-in syntax checkers and testers help you avoid costly mistakes by validating search criteria.  You’ll find what you need, when you need it!

Search progress is transparent to the user with views dedicated to task monitoring and exception handling.  The multi-threaded deployment enables you to search multiple email, file, or SharePoint data stores simultaneously.  This efficiency means you can add Discovery Attender instead of adding to your workforce!

Once your search is complete, you can easily remove redundant or non-relevant data to further narrow your result set.  Discovery Attender has built-in result management features such as de-duplication and filters,  plus an integrated text viewer to help pinpoint critical data.  This helps you save time… and time is money.

Discovery Attender also provides comprehensive data export and production settings.   In addition to native format, the software supports custom export options in multiple file types.  Discovery Attender provides the flexibility you need to respond to legal requirements.

To help audit your searches and maintain chain of custody, Discovery Attender includes robust reporting and comprehensive statistics on a summary and detail level.  You’ll feel confident with Discovery Attender on your side!

Whether you’re involved in litigation, compliance, e-discovery, internal audits, or simply need assistance culling mountains of data, you’ll find Discovery Attender amazingly easy to use and always ready to locate responsive information in a timely yet defensible manner.  But don’t take our word for it; here’s what our customers have to say:

To learn more about Discovery Attender and other Sherpa Software products, please visit our website where you’ll find our free evaluation software and other helpful links, white papers, and more.

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