Sherpa Webinar: 6 Things You Need to Know About Email Compliance Before It’s Too Late

Hosted by Windows IT Pro and presented by Sherpa Software

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Compliance and email regulations and laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley(SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures have forced organizations to know more about email data storage than ever before. In order to comply with these rules and requirements, organizations need to have an understanding of the breadth and depth of their information stores and establish preservation policies, archive locations, search methods and deletion procedures to properly manage storage discovery in the eyes of the government and courts.

Most organizations aren’t dealing with ediscovery compliance in the right way. IT organizations find themselves diverting precious sta­ff time and operating budgets away from growth, supporting initiatives to reactive activities every time they need to produce the audit trails.

You are invited to join compliance and email experts for this one-hour seminar to learn how IT departments are affected by compliance requirements and what they can do to be more effective. To shed light on this complicated information management challenge, we will help you answer the following questions so you can get started planning your compliance strategy:

  • Who – Who needs to be aware and involved?
  • What – What regulations affect your organization?
  • When – Proactive or Reactive?
  • Where – Where should your data be stored/secured?
  • Why – Why is this important for your organization?
  • How – How can you employ the latest technology?

This educational seminar will supply you with guidelines to effectively develop procedures and implement the tools for enforcement of policy, because the time you spend now could reap benefits in the form of efficiency, risk reduction and the avoidance of penalties. Don’t miss this live opportunity to get your questions answered.

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