Top 10 YouTube Videos: Sherpa Software 2013 Wrap-Up

As we look forward and plan for new video creation, we looked back at the most popular videos on Sherpa Software YouTube channel. From email/data management struggles to overviews of our latest product offerings, these videos are designed to provide insightful information as well as best practices within the industry.


Here’s a brief countdown of the videos you’ve all viewed the most in the last year or so. Make sure to check out any that you’ve missed!

#10: e-Discovery in Exchange 2010

Electronic records discovery [e-Discovery] has moved from the realm of the legal department to becoming an integral part of messaging operations. An effective e-Discovery strategy helps reduce business and legal risk—but what makes a good strategy? Microsoft has attempted to answer this question in Exchange 2010 by delivering e-Discovery features including litigation hold and multi-mailbox search. Knowing how these discovery features work, and what is included within the program, is important in ensuring you’ll be able to retrieve the data you need when you need it. In this video, we discuss the major new Exchange 2010 e-Discovery features, describe how they work, and give you some pointers for deployment.

#9: Sherpa Software – Windows IT Pro Review at Tech-Ed 2010

Sherpa Software sat down with one of the editors of Windows IT Pro at Tech-Ed 2010 to discuss some of the latest trends in the Microsoft Exchange world as well as some of Sherpa’s upcoming releases during that time.

#8: Sherpa Software Customer Testimonial – Brotherhood Mutual – Mail Attender

Christopher Harvey, senior network engineer at Brotherhood Mutual, discusses his experience with Sherpa Software’s Mail Attender.

#7: Archive Attender Overview – Sherpa Software

Archive Attender is a full-featured email archiving product designed to selectively move or copy messages from Exchange mailboxes, PST files and Public Folders to any storage device on the network. Archive Attender policies support a flexible range of criteria to support a wide variety of retention requirements. Whether you plan to archive email for space management or regulatory compliance, Archive Attender can support your needs.

#6: Importing PST Files to Exchange Mailboxes

This popular video tutorial outlines how PST files, located either on the network or individual user desktops, can be imported into Microsoft Exchange mailboxes using Mail Attender for Exchange. The recent additions include: 1) the ability to assign an Online Archive as a transfer destination and 2) the newly-added PST deduplication feature.

#5: Notes to Exchange Migration

Organizations change email platforms for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is to take advantage of a specific feature in the new system, or it can be the result of a merger or acquisition where one entity’s email needs to be converted to create a consistent environment. At Sherpa Software, we offer content solutions for both IBM and Microsoft platforms. From time to time, we do see customers transition from one of these popular email systems to the other.

#4: Mail Attender for Exchange Overview – Sherpa Software

Welcome to Sherpa Software’s Mail Attender for Microsoft Exchange, a tool that will automate the scheduling of common policies and effectively address issues related to policy enforcement, compliance and storage management.

#3: Best of Tech-Ed Finalist

Interview with Tom Hand at Tech-Ed 2008.

#2: Sherpa Software – Discovery Attender Product Overview

Discovery Attender is an e-Discovery tool designed to automate investigative tasks in PST files, Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint, public folders and common storage areas. Whether your organization gets subpoenaed to produce electronic evidence, you’re addressing new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures or HR is conducting an internal investigation, Discovery Attender will help you quickly find and produce electronically stored information (ESI).

And finally… #1: PST Migration with Mail Attender for Exchange – Sherpa Software

This video tutorial outlines how PST files, located either on the network or individual user desktops, can be imported into Microsoft Exchange mailboxes using Mail Attender for Exchange.


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