Troubleshooting Profile Document Caching in Domino

Sherpa Software’s Domino server software professionals have helped numerous customers navigate not only their email management, compliance and ediscovery challenges, but also provided help and support surrounding Notes/Domino issues in general. In this instance, our own Domino server software environment was experiencing some challenges about profile document caching. Here is how our Domino professionals worked it out.
If you have ever tried to use profile documents as a means to pass data from one agent to another within the same database, you know it can be a very frustrating process. In our environment, we have a need to use the NotesAgent.RunOnServer method from an action. The process that happens is an action is initiated in Database A, that in turn creates a profile document within Database B. The action then issues the RunOnServer method for an agent in Database B and the agent that is called performs some necessary functions that must run at the server level. However, we need to report back to the action of the results. So the agent updates the profile document within Database B and once the agent completes, the action reinstantiates the profile document within Database B and receives the results.

This process was completely unpredictable. It could work five times and then fail five times with little explanation. Using the Sleep command made no difference in helping the inconsistency, nor did any other attempt to reinstantiate the variable.

What we found was that once the agent saved the profile document, we needed to delete the instantiated variable for the profile document (Delete ProfileDocument). Once we did that, the profile document consistently contained the results from the agent. Apparently, the ‘Delete’ command must fully commit the changes to the profile document to allow it to be used by a subsequent action/agent.

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