Using Social Software to Connect with Your Customers

How can you use Social Software to connect with your customers?
In-house tools like IBM Connections and Quickr or Microsoft SharePoint allow your individual employees to connect and collaborate.
External sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or User Forums all allow you to connect with your customers and get ideas.

When connecting with customers, you need to remember a few simple rules, such as these:

  1. It’s not for everyone. Not everyone will buy into it and no matter what you do or what you try to give away, some people just won’t get it.   They won’t understand the business value and will be annoyed by the attempts you make to get them to connect.
  2. It’s not about you.  Customers don’t want Social Software to be another process in the sales cycle.  Most want to see it as an extension of the service you provide.  They want it as a tool to connect with you and use it to help themselves.
  3. Know your audience. Give them a reason to want to engage with you.  Find topics to connect with and that they will want to share their input with you.  People of like-minds want to share their knowledge, too.
  4. Be Committed!  Go back and read those last words again.  Seriously, if you aren’t going to put the effort into it, don’t even start.  The entire premise of social tools is interaction.  As a user, I want updates and connections in a timely fashion.  If you leave old data and never update, I’m not going to be interested or ever come back.

Still not buying into what Social Media can do for you and your business?  Watch the following video and see the stats:


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