What Are Your Pains?

Like a doctor diagnosing the cause of pain, Sherpa Software wants to be able to address ‘where it hurts’. However, unlike the popular television show House (for those of you who have seen the show), we are not only interested in the puzzle, but we also want to make sure after getting the proper prescription (our products), you continue to feel less pain or no pain at all. Okay –  enough of the doctor metaphors!

At Sherpa Software, we continue to evolve our products to our customers’ needs. Many ideas for improving products or creating new ones originate from conversations with several people including prospects, customers, industry experts, etc. Though our product ideas are not always a result of a direct need, it doesn’t take much for us to run with a thought and expand it into something useful.

For a moment, please humor me as I jump into the WABAC (Wayback) machine (a little Bullwinkle reference). Sherpa Software’s Mail Attender for Notes was first released in 1998. Since that initial release, Mail Attender has evolved into a solution that encompasses nearly every aspect of email management. Once again, Mail Attender did not end up this way because all the new enhancements were created by developers in a think tank. It was the result of collaboration between our customers and our team working together to build a product that serves a distinct and important purpose. We are in constant amazement that we continue to receive feature requests for a product that is 14 years old!

This is where you come in (no pressure). We are looking to expand the functionality of our current products and/or gather ideas for new products that will address your needs. With that being said, we are hoping that you will help our team. Please take a few minutes and review the following questions in the comments:

1. What processes are you performing manually that could save you time and money if they were automated?
2. What improvements could we make to any of our current products?
3. What do you spend most of your work day doing?
4. What trends are you seeing within your company?
5. What technologies are gaining importance within your company?

Please send me an email (jtujetsch@sherpasoftware.com) with your answers to these questions or any other ideas that you have.

Thank you!

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