“With the evolution of email becoming a storage compartment for documents and attachments, we needed a solution to take control before our email systems became overloaded. We’re very satisfied with the ease of use and flexibility of Sherpa’s email management solution.”

– Richard Armstrong, Senior Domino Intel Engineer

The Challenge

When Alliance Resource Partners, the fifth-largest eastern U.S. coal producer, noticed a heavy increase in the size of user mailboxes, the company knew it needed a solution to address its email management challenges and ensure a stable and fast working email environment. Alliance required an email archiving and content management system that was easy to install, yet flexible enough to allow the company to be selective in its information gathering needs by archiving only the necessary content. Another requirement was that archived material must be accessible whether a user works on-site or connects remotely via a web client.

Sherpa Software Solution

After evaluating several solutions, Alliance selected Sherpa Software Mail Attender for Lotus Notes for email management and archiving. With the goal of getting a solution implemented and usable within 30 days, Alliance was surprised to find that Sherpa Software’s support team was able to get the solution working within just a few days, and fully implemented for Alliance’s more than 600 end users within a week. The ability to implement Sherpa’s solution company-wide with one person, versus a large team consisting of consultants and technical specialists, underscores the ease of use Alliance experienced.


Alliance has been using Sherpa Software Mail Attender for Lotus Notes for more than four years and is pleased with how the product has evolved and sharpened to become as sophisticated as products costing nearly three times as much. The company is happy with the solution and experienced no major issues – even through several upgrades of Lotus Notes. Sherpa has dramatically reduced the amount of storage space required for email and sped up the user experience in regards to email usage. Sherpa’s top-notch service team has been available anytime, addressing questions with prompt solutions. Alliance was so pleased with Sherpa’s email management software that it looked to Sherpa first when it required an email discovery product.