The Solution:
Altitude IG® Data Governance Software

  • Reduce risk by stopping data leaks at the source. Pinpoint sensitive or risky content across your enterprise and then collect, copy, quarantine, or delete it
  • Know what data you have: Altitude works as an unstructured data analysis tool, reaching deep in your organization to create a global inventory, file analysis, and map of your data so you can manage content from one centralized console
  • Reduce data sprawl: eliminate Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial data (ROT)
  • Take control by automating data retention policies instead of relying on employees to enforce them

An Essential Tool for GDPR Compliance

Looking for GDPR compliance software? Altitude is an easy, affordable solution for fulfilling three critical requirements:

  • Data Registries: locate and inventory EU citizen data
  • Right to Know: quickly find all personal information on a given individual
  • Right to be Forgotten: easily delete any information the individual asks to be deleted

You’ll have a defensible, auditable process for knowing what’s stored, where it’s stored, and who owns the file, and then easily manage it with a workflow that suits your company policy.
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A Better Solution for eDiscovery

Litigation support and HR professionals drastically reduce discovery/collection time and expense with Sherpa’s Discovery Attender and Altitude IG® eDiscovery software. Altitude enables users to quickly search TBs of unstructured data and collect only the content that’s relevant to a litigation or inquiry. Its automated legal hold notifications replace manual tracking (e.g. spreadsheets or emails) with automated custodian notification, acknowledgment, and tracking, enabling an organized, auditable and defensible process.
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Altitude IG eDiscovery software