What You Need to Know About Litigation Holds

To help customers comply with their litigation hold responsibilities, many software vendors have begun adding features to their products. In the case of Microsoft's Exchange Server email platform, litigation hold features began to appear in the product with the release of Exchange 2010. That feature set evolved in both Exchange 2013 and 2016 and today offers a fairly comprehensive way to ensure that mailbox content cannot be deleted (either inadvertently or on-purpose) when a hold is in effect.

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How to Reduce eDiscovery Costs

During litigation, it's generally assumed that the costs of eDiscovery will be borne by the responding party. That is to say, the burden of searching through potentially vast volumes of data to find the responsive documents falls solely on the shoulders of the party that owns the data – not the party making the information request. This unfortunately opens the possibility of a grave, unintended consequence. Litigants may be encouraged to adopt a strategy of requesting excessive data in order to force the opposing party to settle rather than bear the greater expense of the discovery process.

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A Rose by Any Other Name:  It's All Information Governance

Many articles focused around information governance (IG) discuss the framework in terms of data collections, legal holds, and other eDiscovery related tasks. By limiting IG to a specific eDiscovery focus however, these commentaries lose the full strategic scope of what information governance really entails. In actuality, every IT process that touches electronically stored information (ESI) falls under the domain of a comprehensive information governance program. 

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Bridging the Chasm Between IT and Legal (Part 1 of 2)

In today's litigious world of business, one of the most important relationships is between IT and Legal. These two departments must be in sync for any eDiscovery and/or policy management process to be successful. Both are necessary players and the business will not properly function without these two departments realizing they must work together, in order to succeed.

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  Other News & Information

Altitude IG Updates
Check out all the recent updates made to Altitude IG, Sherpa's information governance platform. 

Cast Study: Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. Migrates Data from User Mailboxes to PST Files
"Altitude IG has saved us hundreds of hours and, more than that, it was so simple and took the stress out of the project," Logan Hayes, Cal-Maine IT Department

Highline College Expands Use of Sherpa Software with New Program
Highline College in Des Moines, WA has used Discovery Attender for several years, namely in the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) degree. Beginning this year, it's use will be expanded into the Applied Bachelor's degree in CyberSecurity and Forensics.

What's Coming in Discovery Attender 4.0
Users have been clamoring for improvements in three areas in particular – reporting, performance and more search options.

Off-the-topic: 5 Winter Getaway Ideas 
Once the holidays pass and the snow finally settles, cabin fever is sure to kick in. Don't get stuck in the usual winter rut; try any of the five getaway ideas below to shake things up. Your family will thank you!