Information governance and records management: A question of strategy vs. tactics

Read-moreThe distinction between information governance (IG) and records and information management (RIM) represents the future of corporate information management and one of the greatest challenges facing companies today. When a company wants to overhaul how it manages information, figuring out the balance between IG and RIM is often the first stumbling block.

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Information governance certification: AIIM vs. ARMA

Read-moreWe've started addressing a new market mandate to identify, track, manage and dispose of information assets. From a more holistic point of view, this trend is often referred to as information governance. Along with the development and launch of our Altitude IG platform, Sherpa is expanding our focus on information governance by building our internal expertise in the topic and pursuing professional certifications for our team.

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Attachments: Can't live with them, can't live without them

Read-moreAttachments probably cause more infrastructure issues in a company's email environment than anything else. Not that attachments are bad or not useful; they serve an important purpose in every company. The problem is, just like most every other good thing (e.g. potato chips, ice cream, etc.) attachments are great in moderation. But when misused, they can become very problematic.

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Just around the corner: Discovery Attender 3.91

Read-moreCurrently in beta, Discovery Attender 3.91 will be released to a general audience in just a few weeks. Included in this release are some helpful new features: enhanced SharePoint support, expanded Office 365 features, exported result list comparison and more!

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End of support for older versions of Archive Attender
On December 15th, 2014 support and version updates for Archive Attender 3.5 will no longer be available. Please see the announcement for further details.

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