Elements of an effective information governance strategy

Read-moreThe ultimate goal of information governance (IG) is to recognize that information, generated by the day-to-day operations of an organization, is a valuable corporate asset that must be managed and disposed of in a responsible fashion. Based on the IGP program, included are some broad project categories any organization can use to get started towards an effective IG strategy. 

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Social Business: What's the ROI?

Read-moreWhether you're promoting your company's products and services, or getting your employees to share information and collaborate, being active on social media will help an organization grow. Social business users are typically a more engaged and productive group, but the big question remains: "How does that affect the bottom line?"

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Ediscovery in an information governance world

Read-moreThe management of corporate information at an enterprise level is far from new; in fact, organizations of all sizes have been employing strategies to deal with vast amounts of data well before ESI subsumed its hardcopy counterparts.  However, many professionals who have a solid understanding regarding the components of eDiscovery struggle to understand how it falls into the broader world of information management.

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Four considerations when managing emails

Read-moreMessage management is a tree with many branches, and realizing that all messages are not created equal is an important part of the overall email management architecture. There are several schools of thought regarding managing the management of messages: 1.) All messages look alike, 2.) Use folders/views to segregate retention, 3.) Types by folder, and 4.) User-assigned classification. 

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  Other News & Information

Happy 10th Birthday Discovery Attender!
Our data collections and eDiscovery software just hit a milestone. Thank you to all our DA customers!

Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014, March 31 - April 2, 2014 in Austin, TX
MEC is the premier global event for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 professionals to enhance their skills and meet with peers, speakers and the people who build and maintain the product. Visit us at booth #204!

PST Migration Case Study
The organization is a domestic healthcare manufacturing company, who had 6,000 users and approximately 50,000 PST files at the time of the migration. This totaled to about 150 TBs of data that needed to be filtered and moved to an on-premises Microsoft Exchange server.

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