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Why Bring eDiscovery In House?

Traditional models of eDiscovery have involved collecting electronic files from email servers, file shares and other data repositories, then handing if off wholesale to outside vendors for culling, processing and review. With the advent of effective in-house software and solutions, more and more organizations are looking to in-sourcing as an effective method to reduce costs and gain control of their eDiscovery processes. Read more...

Bridging the Chasm Between IT and Legal (Part 2 of 2) 

IT and Legal must work hand-in-hand in order to allow your organization to be profitable and successful. By developing a thorough plan and properly implementing the right tools, you can create a cohesive team. Part 2 will focus on What tasks require collaboration? and When should the partnership begin? Read more... 

Deleting Data from a Device: Is it Really Gone?

We've all had to delete data from our devices. Of course, we try to remove all confidential information, pictures, emails and files so that they cannot be accessed by someone else and when we permanently delete the data files, we typically empty the recycle bin to ensure that they have been removed. But is it all really gone? The answer is a definitive no. Read more... 

Case Study: Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. Migrates Data from User Mailboxes to PST Files

Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. found themselves in the middle of an active litigation matter. They needed a solution that could save the employee emails as PST files for ingestion into a cloud archive. In addition, each PST had a 10 gigabyte limit as defined by the cloud vendor. For the mailboxes that exceed 10 Gb., they needed them broken down into individual PST files with 10 Gb. maximum size. Enter Altitude IG. Download case study!