Building a Collaborative eDiscovery Team

Read-morePart of the reason eDiscovery is challenging is due to its ad-hoc nature. Requests routinely arise without prior warning and, in many organizations, personnel dedicated to performing eDiscovery are a luxury. Consequently, when a request arises it can become a major interruption that delays or adversely impacts other planned projects.

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Is it Information Governance or File Analysis?

Read-moreAnyone researching information governance (IG) will encounter the topic of file analysis. Initially, these disciplines were related but not equivalent, however as technology grows more all-encompassing, a new class of tools has been deployed which offer end-to-end file analysis, classification and remediation (FACR). 

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Part II: Policies for your Organization's IG Strategy - Let's Talk Email!

Read-moreSo now that you have decided to focus on email policies as your first foray into your IG strategy, what’s next? The first thing you do is gain an understanding of any federal, state, etc. regulations and/or laws that govern the vertical market that represents your company. Next, review your current email policies. 

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Records Management, Legal and IT: Can’t we all just get along?

Read-moreIn any organization, when the conversation turns toward electronically stored information (ESI), it almost always revolves around three core groups - legal and/or compliance, records management, and IT. The individuals within these groups are the lucky few whose daily routines center on the management of that information. So, how well do they mesh together and is it enough? 

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  Other News & Information

MER: The National Conference on Managing Electronic Records
This year's conference will be held on May 18-20, 2015 in Chicago, IL. Will you be there? 

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