Understanding Policy-Driven Information Governance

Read-morePolicies are a set of plans or actions agreed upon by an organization. In simpler times, businesses could rely on written policies to determine how files, correspondence and other communications were handled – but today, the landscape is much more complex. In addition to the explosive growth of electronic communications, organizations must cope with extensive regulatory compliance mandates and the ever-present threat of litigation.

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Information Governance vs. Records Management - Is there a Difference?

Read-moreIt's easy to either confuse these two types of programs or, in some cases, believe they are synonymous. For those new to the topics of governance, risk and compliance, it's hard to keep new terminology straight. Many clients believe that a sound records management program implies information governance, but let me assure you that this is not the case. 

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Reducing the Cost of Email Management

Read-moreWhat is email management? That is a question that will evoke many different answers, but the common theme would be that it involves the automatic deletion and/or archiving of messages. That seems like a valid statement – but the fact is, email management is more than deleting or archiving messages that have reached a certain age. Actually, it is much more than that, especially when you are talking about the cost of email management. 

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Cloud Computing: Is the Risk Worth the Reward? 

Read-moreThe term "cloud" is sometimes used as a metaphor for the Internet as a whole. In business, it really refers to the software platforms and infrastructure delivered as services via the Internet. In some ways, almost every organization is operating in the cloud already. Websites, social media, email, online meetings and video calls are all examples of cloud computing. Organizations, though, are worried about the control they have within the cloud. 

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Managing Electronic Records (MER) 2014, May 18 - 21 in Chicago
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