Using classification in your information governance strategy

Read-moreSherpa is currently integrating CAAT into our Altitude IG platform to provide automatic classification and categorization capabilities. Once that integration is complete, customers will be able to point their Altitude IG agents at a network file share and automatically classify the documents based upon their content. This classification process also reveals the relationships between documents helping managers uncover hidden insights, and ultimately apply policies to govern documents based upon their content.

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White paper: Demystifying defensible deletion

Read-moreDefensible deletion, also known as defensible disposition, is a key component in executing an effective information governance strategy. When properly applied, a good defensible deletion policy helps to safeguard information assets, reduce corporate risk, free-up resources and streamline operational flow. This white paper explores why defensible deletion is essential to an organization, and what can be done to help ensure proper implementation of policy.

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Data leakage within your environment

Read-moreEmail, application data, and loose files are all types of data that are usually searched during an eDiscovery request. Knowing where the data is stored within your environment is one challenge, but knowing what your users are doing with the data is a whole other story. The term 'data leakage' is widely used to define the intentional or non-intentional distribution of data outside of your infrastructure. But what about data that is stored within your environment, where no one expects it to be? How do you find it and determine its value and/or risk?

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Potential eDiscovery implications of upcoming changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP)

Read-moreIt's no secret that the eDiscovery process is time-consuming and expensive - and not just in the obvious sense, such as the costs of having legal teams and forensics experts pour through data, looking for responsive content in electronically stored information (ESI). There's also the "hidden" costs associated with having to maintain volumes upon volumes of messages and files over extended periods in order to comply with legal requirements, even when an organization isn't currently undergoing litigation.

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  Other News & Information

Reminder: Archive Attender 3.5 support ending soon
Customers currently using Archive Attender version 3.5 are highly encouraged to upgrade to the current version 4.2 of the product before the support end date of December 15, 2014.

ARMA International And Sherpa Software Announce Partnership
ARMA International, the authority on information governance, announced its partnership with Sherpa Software to offer organizations an affordable onboarding progression into information governance (IG).

Sherpa Software Signs Agreement With Content Analyst Company To Apply Machine Learning To Information Governance
This alliance will enable information governance professionals to apply IG practices, policies and business processes to electronic files and records based not only on the file attributes, but on the actual contents of the files as well.

[Off-the-topic] Black Friday statistics and predictions: Should we start calling Thanksgiving 'Black Thursday?'
This year, retailers just don't believe that one day of chaotic shopping is enough, and are extending their Black Friday into Thanksgiving. That's right – Thanksgiving has a new alter ego, and it's Black Thursday.