Why SMBs Need Policy Management & Enforcement

Read-more A recent study conducted by AIIM reported that 52 percent of the members surveyed are actively working toward implementing a content management process within their organization. Results from a Sherpa survey support AIIM's findings with a sound 50 percent of respondents indicating they have a mandate to enforce a policy directive targeting electronic content. Read more...

Three Need-to-Know Components of Legal Hold

Read-more In today's litigious world, legal hold is becoming more and more important. Despite the best laid plans for the security of electronic data, a single individual still has the ability to affect a company's legal destiny. To help ensure a company has taken all of the necessary precautions they can create a legal hold strategy that mitigates human error. Read more...

Why Data Mapping is Critical to Managing Corporate Data 

Read-more In order to leverage data assets to make better decisions, you need to have a thorough understanding of what data you have, where it's located, who needs access to it, and how to retrieve it. Having a map or inventory of where data is stored helps you to strategically exploit this internal information in order to maximize its value. Read more...

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