The value of filtering and culling in eDiscovery

Read-moreGathering electronically stored information (ESI) for the purposes of litigation is a common task for an IT department. Often this takes the form of a ‘collect everything’ approach and with it, huge volumes are sent out for processing and review. Without a ‘pre-search’ step which filters this information, companies are missing an excellent chance to streamline their practices and significantly reduce downstream discovery costs.

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Afraid of the dark ...data?

Read-moreBy definition, dark data is information that is not being tracked through any information management process. It is often the by-product of typical information worker activities and it can frequently be found on individual user hard drives, cloud-based storage platforms or removable media such as a USB or DVD. Enclosed is a real-life example of how easily dark data can accumulate.

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Policies for your organization's IG strategy: Classification, we don't need no stinking classificaiton!

Read-moreClassification is assigning (either via machine-assisted means or user interaction) ‘types’ to your data. Is a message about lunch as important as a discussion regarding the risks of a deficient product? Probably not. This is where classification enters the fray and allows you to categorize data of the same type (e.g. email that is personal versus business).

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