By: Denny Russell

Business News Daily created this article for the entrepreneur, so useful that we think everyone should keep it handy to help an organization, as a whole, understand IT language.

This can be used as an essential reference guide for your employees to understand industry terminology from CMS to SaaS. As an IT Manager, you can use this to help your clients, company execs and colleagues better understand what you do.


The glossary of terms, much more expansive in Business News Daily’s article by Elizabeth Palermo, includes the following:

Server hosting: Servers, devices that support a company’s computer and Internet networks, are most often owned by Internet service providers (ISPs) that lease out server space along with providing Internet access to its customers.

Cloud hosting: Companies not using servers have the option to buy data that is to be stored on virtual servers; the term cloud means the data can be accessed simply through an Internet connection.

SaaS: Software as a Service (SaaS), or “software on-demand,” is a term having to do with cloud computing and delivering business software via the Internet.

Document management: This refers to the system of organizing and storing documents. Software can be used to help facilitate this process.

Check out the article from Business News Daily in it’s entirety for all 25 terms, and make sure to check out Sherpa Software’s product line for your business’ software needs.