Sherpa Software has a myriad of resources to help you navigate your information governance challenges, including providing sound advice for eDiscovery searches.  Highlighted below are a few offerings which focus on the collection phase of eDiscovery.

1.) Brand new is a white paper by KMWorld on the “Best Practices in eDiscovery” (downloadable here, registration required).   Included is an article with advice for outlining the foundation for effective practices for search and collection.  Proactive actions, collaboration, preservation and other topics are covered in detail.

2.) Another take on collections can be found in a webinar sponsored by, hosted by Bill Towson and myself.  The recording focused on “Avoiding common mishaps in the collections” and was followed up with an article which provided additional details on grievous errors such as altering metadata, poorly defining scope, mis-communication and more.

3.) One of the key steps in effective collections (and effective information governance strategy in general) is preventing the deletion of data which is relevant to a legal matter.  So critical is defensible deletion to eDiscovery, that we made it the subject of its very own Sherpa White Paper.

Sherpa provides resources, including blog articlesnewsletters  and white papers to help you navigate through the challenges of implementing usable policy. Feel free to contact us directly with topic ideas or to discuss how we can help you effectively  implement information governance and eDiscovery solutions.