By: Jeff Tujetsch

When it comes to litigation, it’s not a matter of if a company will be sued, but when and by whom. Avoiding the issue or thinking that your company is not vulnerable can be a stumbling block in proper business planning and crisis management.

Damaging evidence can be found within anyone’s email environment, from legal issues and contract disputes to human resources matters such as racial discrimination, provocation and sexual harassment.


Being proactive and doing all you can to mitigate costs in advance of litigation drastically outweighs legal costs, court costs and judgments later. Any case which involves searching of preserved data can benefit from IT innovations.

There have been numerous court cases where the smoking gun was an email. Products such as Sherpa’s Mail Attender enforce archive policies to protect messages that are over a specific age. Features of the automated policies include archiving emails in a different location and preventing users from updating or deleting them. It can also enforce deletion policies that companies establish, which align within set and defined legal policies and regulatory laws to protect against the destroying of evidence.

Compliance Attender, another Sherpa solution, provides a two-pronged approach in storing messages via journaling and filtering functions. It can store a copy (journal) of every message that has been sent or received, providing a vital source of key information to produce evidence for the courtroom.

Powerful search tools are used to find all messages that contain specific keywords and phrases, while allowing legal teams to label, annotate, redact and export the results. IT managers not only expedite and control the search process, but also greatly reduce the possibility of human error from manual searches, saving costs traditionally associated with performing hours of labor-intensive work.

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