Photo provided by AIIM

I recently returned from AIIM 2014, the annual conference staged by the Association for Information and Image Management, and I have to say, it was a great experience!

Right from the opening keynote by well-known industry pundit Guy Kawasaki, AIIM 2014 signaled that it would be a much different event for IT professionals than, for example, Microsoft’s annual TechEd show. Kawasaki’s topic was “Enchantment,” and he eloquently guided us through some basic rules for enchanting coworkers, customers and even spouses! Certainly technology was sprinkled into that presentation, but it also contained a healthy dose of business advice – a formula that continued throughout the remainder of the event.

Sessions were organized into three tracks; engage, process and control. Many were led by AIIM members in a type of ”case study” format that really helped us learn from their experiences in solving a specific problem or planning a particular implementation. For attendees that wanted a more intimate discourse, there were also roundtable break-outs that provided for livelier group discussion. By limiting sessions to 30 minutes, AIIM encouraged brevity which really helped keep the attention of the audience.

As a first-time attendee, I was greatly impressed by how prepared the AIIM staff was and how well-organized the event ran logistically. In terms of conferences, the event was fairly intimate with between 600 and 700 attendees, helping to foster some good networking interaction. Overall I would highly recommend the event to any IT or businessperson interested in information governance – I even managed to earn my certification as an AIIM Information Governance Practitioner.

To learn more about information governance and your options, watch this informational video below!