The Altitude IG October update introduces new features for policy management and eDiscovery modules as well as a few administrative additions.  The following list details the changes:

eDiscovery Module Updates:

  • Allows Groups to be added as eDiscovery Custodians
  • DeNISTing of search results*
  • Added an option to provide the full-text of original documents and emails when viewing search result details on the console

Policy Management Module Updates:

  • Added an action to Copy/Move messages from O365 to PST
  • Support for Exchange Retention and Archive tags

Administration Updates:

  • Multi-threaded processing of EWS (O365) and File agents
  • Added functions to facilitate removal of individual agents from the console
  • Added option to view full text of all eDiscovery search results
  • Provided the ability to manage Connector and Agent settings from the console
  • Deploy a monitoring service to actively monitor the activities of the client agents

*When it comes to DeNISTing of search results, this feature will automatically remove files that are currently included in the National Institute for Standards & Technology reference data set from the search results. These files are widely viewed by legal and law enforcement as having no evidentiary value so utilizing the DeNIST process can greatly reduce the size of a search result set.

If you have questions about any of these items, please contact your Sherpa Software customer success team or account executive for more information.