The Altitude IG September update introduces new features for the eDiscovery, Reporting & Analytics and Policy modules as well as some administration updates. The following list details the changes in each area:

eDiscovery Module Updates

  • Added an option to exclude particular labels when creating an eDiscovery collection (i.e. “collect all but the results labeled Privileged”)
  • Added the ability for each user to customize the columns displayed on their eDiscovery search results screen

Reports & Analytics Module Updates

  • Added a summary report option for custom reporting. This feature may be used to build reports that provide summary totals of the detailed items being processed

Policy Module Updates

  • Added a workflow option to copy messages directly from an Microsoft 365 mailbox to PST file
  • Added the ability to enforce action when an email contains specific keyword text in either the message body or an attachment

Administration Updates

  • Added the automatic uninstallation of a connector and its agents when the connector is deleted in the console
  • Improved the auto-update process for connectors and agents
  • Now allows each user to customize the number of items displayed in their grid lists throughout the application




If you have questions about any of these items please contact your Sherpa Software customer support team or an account executive for more information.