The new Altitude IG updates for January are being released at the end of the month.  The update includes several new legal hold notification features:

  • Automated re-sending of the hold notice if the custodian has not acknowledged the hold within a defined timeframe
  • Periodic email reminders to custodians that are part of ongoing holds
  • Automatic email to inform custodians when they have been released from a hold
  • The option to CC other users of a hold notifications (i.e. an employees manager or legal counsel)
  • Addition of a way to customize the email header information for both the hold notification and custodian acknowledgement page
  • Added options to modify or delete existing hold templates

Other notable updates include:

  • Full support for Exchange 2016
  • Performance improvements when processing Exchange or Office 365 email
  • An integrated testing application to help validate the syntax when entering eDiscovery keyword criteria
  • A number of user interface and administrative improvements along with resolutions to several issues

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