Many IBM Lotus Domino administrators are tasked with effectively collecting, efficiently storing and accurately retrieving an organization’s electronic mail data. The fact is, much like having a network firewall, having a solid email retention and discovery policy and a supporting process is becoming a necessity, rather than an option.

This is not a surprise. Recent court cases clearly demonstrate the landscape surrounding email and its role in litigation has changed. For example, failure to turn over subpoenaed messages can result in expensive default adverse judgments. Hopefully, your organization has not experienced this first hand. Even if an organization has a sound policy in place, the task of enforcing policies are left to IT administrators.

Sherpa Software understands this challenge both from a high-level, company perspective and from a “getting the job done” administrator viewpoint. This is why Sherpa’s products are not only built to help administrators respond to organizational needs, but also designed those products to work well together.

First, Compliance Attender will capture electronic mail messages on the Domino server in real-time, allowing complete control of all email as it enters, exits and moves within an organization. Indeed, real-time capture is the key to Compliance Attender’s power. Using Domino server software’s built-in “mail rules” facility, email messages are collected on the server (based on administrator supplied criteria) before end users have had any opportunity to delete or alter them. Collected and unaltered messages are then stored centrally in a standard IBM Lotus Notes data store (i.e., .nsf files), making the messages securely accessible from a Notes client or any product capable of reading Notes data. But, the job of email retention and discovery doesn’t end there.

After all, why use it to collect large volumes of e-mail data if there is not a meaningful way to extract messages from the collection? Whether it’s for litigation, human resources or other content management purposes, Discovery Attender is a Notes and Domino e-Discovery solution that offers complementary retrieval capabilities, not only to the Compliance Attender journals, but also any Notes data store, including live email, Domino’s inherent journals and even non-email Notes applications.

Find out more about how Compliance Attender and Discovery Attender can work together to help your organization tackle its compliance and e-discovery information management challenges. Feel free to contact us for a free trial download or demonstration.