If you’ve heard the rumors, they are true – Mail Attender v5.0 is currently being developed and will be released this summer! Mail Attender is a comprehensive tool for Microsoft Exchange email management.  In addition to getting a facelift, Mail Attender v5.0 is going to have three major enhancements.

First, Mail Attender v5.0 will have full Exchange 2013 support.  Although Exchange 2013 is relatively new, we have heard from several organizations that are planning to migrate.  If you are one of them, rest assured you can use Mail Attender to help you manage the data.  Additionally, you will have the same flexibility with Mail Attender that you see now.  Since Mail Attender treats users’ mailbox and online archive as separate stores, you have the ability to apply different rules to those stores.  For instance, if you want the Inbox for the mailbox to have a two year retention policy but the online archive Inbox to have a five year retention policy, Mail Attender can easily achieve these tasks.

The second major improvement to Mail Attender v5.0 is 64-bit support.  Mail Attender v5.0 will be available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  The Mail Attender desktop agent will also have 32-bit and 64-bit variants.  That means Mail Attender v5.0 will now support 64-bit Outlook and will take full advantage of a 64-bit operating system.

Finally, Mail Attender v5.0 will allowsusers to administer Microsoft 365 mail stores.  This includes support for both Microsoft 365 mailboxes and online archives. Additionally, Mail Attender v5.0 can  apply retention policies, find non-business related emails, or manage any of the data in Microsoft 365 mail stores.  In fact, the rich set of features available now in Mail Attender will also be available for Microsoft 365 content.  So if you have made the decision to move your mail to the cloud or are thinking about it, you will be able to use Mail Attender to manage your data with little overhead.

If you are an email administrator and need to manage data stored in mailboxes, network PST files, desktop PST files, Exchange online archives, public folders, or Microsoft 365, you should download Mail Attender v5.0, to evaluate its rich feature set.

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