This month’s Altitude IG updates include several new features for the recently released eDiscovery module and improvements to the connector/agent installation process. Here is the complete list:

EDiscovery Search Updates

  • Add the ability to cache results when performing an eDiscovery search
  • Validate the syntax of eDiscovery keyword search criteria when creating the search
  • Switch the order of the custodian screen in the eDiscovery search creation wizard to after the Data Source selection screen and only show custodians who have targets of the selected data source
  • Add the ability to perform the eDiscovery Search and Collection as a single step

Performance Updates

  • Provide an option on the console to download final Inventory/Exception files after collection is completed
  • Improve performance of the collection process through Robocopy batch processing and limiting the amount of information exchanged interactively

Data Entry Updates

  • Revamp the Add Custodian dialog when creating/editing a Matter making it easier to add multiple custodians
  • Update the custodian lists to support environments with more than 1000 data owners

Review Updates

  • Highlight the “hit” keyword/phrase in the keyword snippet on the search results grid
  • Improve team collaboration by allow the assignment of search results to multiple reviewers. For example if you have 1000 results and four reviewers each reviewer can be assigned 250 results to process.

Connector/Agent Updates

  • Recognize when a connector is already installed and skip to agent configuration immediately
  • When running setup a second time (i.e. to install new agents) only automatically download new/changed components
  • Display previously saved Collection locations when configuring new ones