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For more than a decade, Sherpa Software has been developing award winning software that helps customers manage their electronically stored information (ESI). A little over a year ago, however, we began leveraging that expertise to create an entirely new ESI management platform called Attender Online.  This hosted solution will join our portfolio of on-premises products for IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange.

Attender Online is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that can expand and extend your information governance initiatives across a wide range of ESI repositories. Currently, Attender Online can locate and inventory content contained in Microsoft Exchange, PST files, network file shares and user desktops. The modular design of the service allows new agents to be easily added. Currently, agents are on the way to manage ESI content in SharePoint and Office365. Sherpa can also develop specialized agents to manage content within your custom business systems.

The platform utilizes a secure hybrid approach to policy enforcement.  Management and configuration components are accessible on virtually any device that has a web browser. From the Attender Online hosted dashboard, you can monitor system status, check notifications, initiate policies or view reports. Policy enforcement is performed by local agents installed within your environment guaranteeing that sensitive information is efficiently managed without ever leaving your organization.

ESI management in Attender Online is provided by a powerful workflow engine. Workflows are flexible enough to support a wide range of business needs, such as the following examples:

1. Multi-tiered mailbox quota management. In this scenario, a workflow iterates through a mailbox and applies even more restrictive rules in order to reach a quota threshold. For example, when a mailbox exceeds its quota, the workflow first attempts to reduce overall mailbox size by deleting any attachment that is over 24 months old. If the mailbox is still over its size limit, the workflow deletes any message that is over 18 months old. For mailboxes that are still too large, the workflow will delete any message that is over 12 months old.

2. Unified retention policy enforcement. Apply rules that eliminate or sequester content items which meet specific criteria (for example items over a specified age) across all ESI content sources. Attender Online supports multiple content types within a single workflow. For example, one workflow can be used to delete items over 12 months old from all these locations; an employee’s mailbox, the ‘My Documents’ folder on their desktop computer and their home drive located on a network file share.

3. Isolate ESI content for people who have been placed on legal hold. Locate content items (messages, files, etc) within a specified date range that contain a set of key words or phrases and copy those items into a hold area.

Interested in learning more about Attender Online? Please join us on April 10, 2013 for a ‘demonar’ preview of the service by visiting this registration link or by calling us toll free at 1-800-255-5155.

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