The future of cloud email and why it’s here to stay

Cloud-based email offerings have become one of the hottest trends and is a consideration for IT departments across the globe.  By migrating email to hosted providers, companies allow vendors to handle all the pesky details of hardware and network management while they focus … Read More

White Paper – "EDiscovery – SaaS vs. On-Premises"

SaaS, hosted, and on-demand – oh my! New eDiscovery solutions have popped up everywhere as vendors catch up with the rapid shift to the cloud – a trend that has overtaken the world of information technology. These changes are happening … Read More

Now Available! Archive Attender 4.3

A new version of Archive Attender for Exchange, Sherpa’s mailbox and PST data archiving solution, has been released and is now available for download.  This update is highly recommended for Archive Attender users as it contains a number of fixes … Read More

Is it Information Governance or File Analysis?

Anyone researching Information Governance (IG) will encounter the topic of File Analysis. Initially, these disciplines were related but not equivalent.  However as technology grows more all-encompassing, a new class of tools has been deployed which offer end to end file … Read More

Tomato-Tomahto, eDiscovery & Information Governance

The relationship between eDiscovery and Information Governance (IG) is one of shifting perspectives and is often defined differently by diverse experts.  Are they two different words for the same thing, can they be used interchangeably and why does it matter? One opinion seems to … Read More

Discovery Attender Feature:  Keyword Tester

One of the greatest benefits of Discovery Attender is the variety of options that can be used for keyword searching. However, a significant amount of time can be expended on trial and error in crafting an appropriate search expression.  In … Read More