The Evolution of the Electronic Information Lifecycle

Information does not appear in a vacuum. It can and does take on a life all its own, which needs to be managed accordingly.  Digital data, for example, can be created without notice – which can then expand and proliferate as … Read More

Navigating challenges in information management

A recent blog post and supporting webinar provided advice to organizations struggling to implement effective preparedness in responding to data requests.  The article suggested methods to help resolve these challenges by strengthening the information management framework, establishing crisis teams, creating and auditing effective policies, generating accurate … Read More

Discovery Attender 3.9; Come on Down!

The latest version of Discovery Attender will be on its way to customers in a few short weeks. Due to release in just over a month, here is a preview of what the development team has been working on for this new 3.9 … Read More

Thinking About BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Organizations of all sizes and industries are addressing the phenomena of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), including here at Sherpa Software.  With the proliferation of mobile computing, popularity of telecommuting, implementation of Software as  a Service (SaaS)_ and cloud-based applications, … Read More

Proactive Steps for Effective Response to Litigation

The recent post Information Management is the Key mentioned several steps that are recommended to help organizations effectively handle legal discovery.  Additionally, it covers vital data requests such as subpoenas, governmental inquiries or even internal investigations.   This post will provide some more detail on … Read More

E-Discovery in Exchange 2013

Microsoft has revamped its email server offerings with the introduction of Exchange 2013. Among the major areas of improvement are the enhanced electronic discovery capabilities. Electronic discovery (e-discovery) is the process of identifying, preserving, collecting and producing all electronic information … Read More