First View of Report Attender

Sherpa Software’s new data analysis tool, Report Attender, will soon be released to the eager public.  This program helps end-users make decisions and answer questions by categorizing files and messages from network shares and email stores.  Organizations will be able … Read More

New Product Teaser: Report Attender

This new year finds Sherpa Software hard at work, developing new products to complement our existing email management and e-Discovery offerings.  First to be released will be our much anticipated data analysis tool, Report Attender.  This program is designed with … Read More

Coming Soon to a Download Near You, DA 3.7, SP1

Service Pack 1 for Discovery Attender version 3.7 will be released in just a few weeks.  In addition to rolling up all the Hotfixes, Service Pack 1 contains a number of helpful improvements and features, including: Email Domain Views and … Read More

Debating Electronic Discovery Certifications

A current topic in the e-Discovery community is the value of certifications and associated programs. While a variety of options have popped up over the past few years, there is much debate on their effectiveness in gaining knowledge, measuring skill … Read More

Exceptions in Ediscovery Searching

One of the key components of the electronic discovery process is the ability to cull and filter data. In an ideal world, your criteria would be run against easily accessible custodian data stores. With a few clicks of some fancy … Read More

Terminology in Electronic Discovery

Customers of Sherpa Software’s electronic discovery tool, Discovery Attender, come from a variety of backgrounds. Users range from dedicated IT professionals with little knowledge of legal terms to legal professionals with vague ideas regarding technical nomenclature. There are a variety … Read More