“The results and support have been great and we are looking forward to conducting our review process quicker and easier” – Brandon Covert, Director of IT, Cleveland Browns

As a lawsuit resurfaced, the Browns decided to intensify their search for eDiscovery software. In addition to accommodating their changing eDiscovery needs, the Browns also wanted a solution that could incorporate a litigation hold process. Although policy enforcement wasn’t a prerequisite, they were facing storage related issues that required a more reliable information/policy management tool as well. Then, they turned to Altitude IG.


This case study highlights the Cleveland Browns’ experience with Altitude IG , including:

  • Reduced time to conduct eDiscovery searches by 65%
  • Reduced data necessary to turn over to counsel by 60%download-HERE
  • Implemented policies to recovered 2 TB’s of storage space

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The Cleveland Browns implemented Sherpa Software’s Altitude IG platform for eDiscovery and policy management.  This feature rich tool would enhance collaboration between IT and legal allowing them to organize the overall process.