Learning from the Mistakes of Others

Missing emails from an account used by James Oblinger, North Carolina State University’s former Chancellor, have landed the university in hot water including a federal grand jury investigation to find whether former North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley used his position … Read More

Will Exchange 2010 Answer Searching Needs?

Some of the advanced features in the newly unveiled Exchange 2010 have a number of people asking if all their Exchange email search needs can be handled in the Exchange environment.  Native archiving, retention, litigation hold and E-discovery features have … Read More

Is Archiving Drafts Necessary for Compliance?

A recent post on Ferris Research’s blog claims that “archiving drafts is necessary for compliance.” Is that true? The idea that archiving the drafts view is important stems from a CNN article which reported suspected terrorists were using “the draft … Read More

Best Practices and Procedures for Building Effective Email Policies

Sherpa Software’s Denny Russell, Senior Product Specialist, recently wrote an article for Computer Technology Review entitled “Best Practices and Procedures for Building Effective Email Policies.” This article gives IT administrators and managers a foundational basis for building email policies that will … Read More

New E-discovery White Paper and Webinar

Sherpa Software’s Marta Farensbach, Senior Product Manager, will be joining Michael Osterman and other ediscovery experts for this look at ediscovery in 2010.  Marta also contributed to the white paper entitled “The Concise Guide to Ediscovery.”  Register for this live … Read More

SnTT: Export MIME Email to Files

Since we have changed our blogging infrastructure, I thought I would repost this popular item: My name is Grant Lindsay and I joined Sherpa Software back in November, 2007. I have been doing various kinds of development in and around … Read More