Archiving to the cloud, is it what you want?

Now a days, you really can’t go too far with out finding some article pushing a cloud technology. In fact, at Lotusphere 2010 last week, they talked about a cloud strategy. So it got me thinking about what people want … Read More

Lotusphere 2010

Back from yet another Lotusphere working the Sherpa booth. I’m exhausted, yet happy to have experienced it. Lotusphere 2010 was another great example of the strong following the Lotus Notes and Domino world has established. The ‘Lotus Knows’ campaign was … Read More

Sherpa Heads to Lotusphere

Ahhhh….tomorrow at this time I’ll be on my way to Florida to represent Sherpa Software at Lotusphere.   I’m actually attending to help coordinate some of our sponsored activities.  But several of my colleagues will be attending to share their Notes … Read More

Lotus Notes on the iPhone

It was a typical Wednesday morning. I had been at work for a couple of hours, caught up on my emails from the previous night and working on some of the things I like to get done before the rest … Read More