By:  Steve Turyan, Channel Manager

As each year begins, the slate is wiped clean for a fresh start.  There is always plenty of talk regarding the infamous “New Year’s Resolutions” this time of year.  For instance, we plan on going to the gym more, starting a diet…etc.  It is also a great time for reflection, a chance to take a look back at the year that just passed and how to improve on/adjust things moving forward.  2012, all in all, was a successful year…..however, as with everything we do, there is always room for improvement.  With each new year comes new challenges, new ideas and new successes.  One of our new focuses this year is to shift into offering “solutions” instead of strictly software tools.  From a client that needs some professional services assistance with our tools or their environment to custom development within their systems, everything has potential to be on the table so to speak.

As we get deeper into the new year, more and more information will begin to surface in terms of new updates new solutions.  Keep an eye out for some great new ideas and content from Sherpa, which will hopefully translate into success for you, our valued partners.  As always, if there is anything specific needed in terms of new marketing collateral, webinars…etc, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Finally, please take notice of the new format of the GPS Partner Newsletter.  We wanted a more simple/to-the-point design to make things even more easily accessible.