Choosing an eDiscovery tool is no easy task. Often, organizations are in the middle of litigation or have urgent requests from upper management, so time is of the essence. Knowing your options now will prepare you for whatever needs arise in the near future. If there is one thing every IT pro knows is that it’s not a matter of if, but when. Take a step back and decide if your organization is in need of a robust, all-inclusive eDiscovery platform or a quick-fix power search tool.

Comprehensive, Scalable Collaboration Tool

Although it is usually recommended to have a small, in-house eDiscovery team, some organizations may be too small or fragmented to support a dedicated eDiscovery strike force. A ‘technology approach’ is typically a good option because it allows for collaboration between IT and Legal teams. As Sherpa’s VP of strategy and solutions, Rick Wilson stated,

In this model the IT team is responsible for infrastructure tasks such as provisioning application servers, deploying agent software to access the content, managing access rights and establishing collection points on network storage. These tasks can all be completed well in advance of any eDiscovery request thereby providing a self-service environment that permits the legal team to address new requests immediately by concentrating on creating matters, administer legal holds, build search requests (keywords, etc.), and review results for responsiveness.

With a comprehensive platform like Sherpa’s Altitude IG, IT and Legal departments can:

  • Conduct secure, simple in-house data collections
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to divide the workload
  • Collect securely and protect results
  • Enforce a defensible deletion/retention policy (e.g. by age, date, size, etc.)
  • Organize a search by matter in order to handle multiple discovery projects

Although Altitude IG is SaaS-based, data is managed in place (behind a firewall) and not stored in the cloud. The platform was designed this way in order to allow for collaboration without sacrificing security.

Altitude IG has been named one of the “Trend-Setting Products of 2015” by KMWorld and has helped customers such as the Cleveland Browns, MedExpress, API, Cal-Maine Foods, Sentient Jet and many more.

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One-Stop Power Search Tool

Discovery Attender (DA) is Sherpa’s award-winning search and collection software. Not only is it a powerful stand-alone tool, but it’s been in the industry for more than 10 years and has worked for thousands of customers. Discovery Attender is ideal for addressing eDiscovery needs such as internal investigations, locating PCI and PII, and more.

The main differentiators between Discovery Attender and Altitude IG’s eDiscovery module are:

  • On-premises (DA) vs. SaaS-based (Altitude IG)
  • Search only (DA) vs. searching and moving data (Altitude IG)
  • Single purpose only (DA) vs. retention policy enforcement, content analytics and custom reporting (Altitude IG)

If an organization has to quickly respond to an urgent case, Discovery Attender is a great option; it can be installed on a server or database and be up and running in minutes. However, it is limited in the ways of scalability, collaboration between teams (IT and Legal), and capabilities beyond search and collection.

Below is a chart which outlines even more comparisons between Sherpa Altitude IG and Discovery Attender. Both solutions are extremely valuable and continue to gain rave reviews in the industry.  If you ask yourself What tool works best for my needs? The answer depends on if this is a one-time need or if you plan on protecting your environment for the unforeseeable future.

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