Many end-users prefer to ‘Classify’ emails in order to stay compliant to their email retention policies.  ‘Classification’ is simply a way to ‘tag’ or ‘mark’ a document with a certain flag or keyword so that it can be easily managed at a latter time.  There are many ways to classify emails and reasons why this can and should be done.
Why would an end-user want to classify a document? Depending on their policy, this may be a way to stay compliant or to identify documents that need to be retained because of litigation issues.

Many of Sherpa Software customers ‘classify’ messages so they can manage those emails appropriately.  Tagging the documents makes it easy to determine the ‘business value’ of each document.  Items that have no tag could be considered of little or no value and would then be deleted accordingly. Items tagged would allow those documents to be retained for a longer period of time, whether it is left in the mail file or moved to an archive file.  This places the ownership on the end-users to evaluate their emails and determine which files they do or do not want to keep.

If you are looking for a solution like this, refer back to your Document Retention Policy {link to earlier series} and speak with those that built the policy. They may have a quick fix for you and helpful suggestions. You may also contact Sherpa Software and learn about the many solutions we have to offer.