Customer feedback is the key ingredient in creating a reliable product and a credible brand.  Specific requests certainly formed the backbone of the new features that will be included in Discovery Attender 4.0, which is currently under development.  Users have been clamoring for enhancements in three particular areas: reporting, performance, and more search options.  We’re happy to report that the new functionality for 4.0 adds updates in all these areas.

Exchange 2016 Support

Full support of the latest version of Exchange will be included in the newest version of Discovery Attender.  Enhancements include improved EWS options to take full advantage of the default communication protocols in both on-premises and cloud based deployments.

Statistical Scanning

Users have requested the ability to retrieve statistics from their data stores without running a complete (and potentially time-consuming) search.  Oftentimes, they are given a batch of PST files named ‘archive.pst’ or ‘outlook.pst’ but have no idea of the custodians, number of messages, or even internal folder structure of these files. To help solve this problem, Discovery Attender 4.0 will include new ‘scan’ options deployed independently of standard, criteria-based searches.  Snapshots are designed to be quick, displaying information about message counts, folder listings, ownership, and more within minutes.  The Detailed choice will take a bit longer but will be worth the time as it nets date ranges, message types, attachment counts, and more. These options will help you better plan your discovery without sacrificing hours in searching time.


Speed and database limitations are areas where users seek constant improvement. Fortunately, version 4.0 offers enhancements in both. New options have been included to allow faster searches and handle larger result sets while minimizing database errors.

Search Criteria

Just when we think we’ve seen all the combinations of syntax the eDiscovery world has to offer, novel variants arrive to surprise us.  To help deal with the ever more complex requests, we are adding new criteria options for Addresses and Keywords, while date and size options join file types as criteria for the useful Custom Exception feature.

Managing Results

Once searches are complete, users deploy Discovery Attender’s myriad of organizational features to deduplicate, filter and cull down their data sets. Version 4.0 has added a variety of features to provide further assistance with these tasks. Deduplication is improved by adding options including custodians, optional SHA hashes, and identifying ‘master’ data stores.  Export actions have not been neglected; the new version will see improvements in long path handling, sealed container options, and ad-hoc Bates numbering among others.

Views & Statistics

Discovery Attender collects a substantial amount of metadata as it conducts its searches. However, much of this information is tucked away in databases. This makes it difficult to collate specialized information for average users who don’t wish to delve into the depths of queries and back-end tables. Version 4.0 will give users better visibility to help analyze their results and pinpoint useful information.  Planned views and reports include:

  • Statistics for Unique items, Labels and Marks
  • Drill down date histograms
  • Improved family reporting to give accurate ‘total set’ counts
  • Keyword reports including solo counts, addresses by term, popular keywords

We hope you are as excited as we are about the new features for Discovery Attender 4.0, due in early 2016.  As the development for this version is currently in progress, the details of the features are subject to change.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or comments.  We’d love to hear from you!


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