By: Marta Farensbach

Just a little explaining goes a long way.

ARMA International, a nonprofit trade association for record management professionals, cites that 93 percent of Fortune 1000 companies currently enforce a document retention policy.

While this is good news, the reality is that less than 35 percent reported that they actually enforce those policies on a regular basis. It takes diligent coordination to enforce a staff culture that leads to effective control, and that’s not always popular in the workplace.


One of the biggest liabilities an organization faces is the use of personal email within a network. Employees are quick to assume that strict email policies prohibiting use of personal email is management’s attempt to curb distractions on the job – but most often, it’s an effort to protect the company’s network from a myriad of infractions, many of which most employees never imagined were even possible.

Few IT managers will take the time to explain the types of scenarios these policies are designed to prevent, but the reality is that most employees immediately change their perspective when they understand that adhering to the company’s email policies is a group effort to mitigate risk, rather than being in the mindset that the rules are meant for their personal productivity.

Just a little explaining goes a long way to changing perspective toward the end goal of enforcing policy and protecting a company’s network. IT managers have serious work to do, and it makes things so much more effective when employees understand why they’re doing it.