For the next Lotus User Group Virtual Meeting, Sherpa Software will be presenting a webinar in which Steve Treible, an independent consultant for Intechgration, Inc, an e-discovery and litigation support Services Company, will provide tips on the key areas involved in the e-discovery process and load you up with helpful information and best practices so you can easily develop an e-discovery capability for your organization.

He’ll be joined by our very own Marta Farensbach, Senior Product Manager, E-discovery Division, Sherpa Software. Together these experts in e-discovery will show you real life examples of what’s working for organizations like yours in solving their biggest e-discovery challenges. The presenters will help you uncover the key e-discovery issues you need to understand today and in the future and give you a clear-cut picture of the capabilities you need in order to avoid unnecessary legal risks and e-discovery costs. Plus, you’ll see how E-discovery Compliance can help you manage and avoid employee misbehavior and legal actions; comply with its regulatory obligations; preserve intellectual property, and avoid embarrassing data loss or leaks.

Join for this informative event and get control of e-discovery for your organization. Understand why e-discovery is important, gain insights into the issues and regulations that are most pertinent, and then start creating strategies, capabilities, and technologies to meet needs that will also help manage corporate data properly. These Ediscovery Solutions can help meet at least some of your information management challenges.

Date: March 09, 2010
Time: 12:00 noon Eastern (GMT -5)

This presentation is free to members but requires pre-registration. Register today at