The latest version of Discovery Attender will be on its way to customers in a few short weeks. Due to release in just over a month, here is a preview of what the development team has been working on for this new 3.9 version.

OCR for Searching

To the delight of many users, Discovery Attender 3.9 will be adding two new features to assist with the searching of text in image and scanned documents.  No longer will a separate process be needed to deal with non-searchable PDF files.  Instead, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality has been paired with improved non-text identification to give users an edge in their searching experience.

Full Exchange 2013 Support

Incorporating master profiles and updated protocols, Discovery Attender will include complete support for Exchange 2013 data stores. Accessing, searching and exporting from mailboxes, online archives, and public folders will be seamless in the new version.

Expanding SharePoint Data Stores

Recognizing that SharePoint has become the default home for all types of information, Discovery Attender 3.9 has expanded its reach into this popular data repository.  In addition to the document libraries currently scanned, the new features will allow users to search, review and export all kinds of SharePoint objects including items, attachments and properties from wiki pages, discussion groups, generic lists, events and more.

Improved Pattern Recognition

Users who encounter numerous false positives in searching for PCI or PII data with standard regular expressions will find some relief with the new PATTERN feature.  This functionality programmatically assesses the matches from regular expression with added checks to validate for both credit cards (using the Luhn Algorithm) and social security numbers.

Create Your Own Exceptions

Often users need to create a separate listing of files when a search is run.  For example, if system files are excluded for search efficiency, the listing of all files that have been excluded may be needed for audting.  Creating a customization based on file type will give users the ability to report on and export files that have been previously excluded.

And More…

In addition to the features listed above, users will see additional improvements:

  • Selectively export paths to eliminate redundant folder information
  • Options for MSG file ingestion into PST files.
  • Search and reporting of email category fields
  • Support for OneNote Files

These features and many more enhancements will be available by mid-October.  On release day, all maintenance and technical contacts will receive an email announcing the release with download instructions.

To see a full listing along with the benefits of the new release, be sure to check out the  WhatsComing_3.9 document.

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