We were very pleased to see that David Cowen, a known blogger for his “Hacking Exposed: Computer Forensics Blog” writings, has both downloaded our free trial of Discovery Attender and blogged about it as a product recommendation for eDiscovery solutions.

His write-up included the following:

If you are like me then searching, de-duplicating and producing email for review is one of the banes of your existence. You would think that such a fundamental task would have been solved in the mainline tools we use but all of their limitations turn the process of producing email into a bit of a nightmare.

I’ve used a series of tools in the past to accomplish this with varied success … None of which made the process as easy or simple as Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender did for me today. Now I’ve heard from many friends over the years that I should get a copy of this software as many people where doing in house basic ediscovery with it, but I didn’t try it out.

I finally broke down and got a copy and let me tell you, its what it claims to be. I was able to search 34 archives of email, it supports ost and psts, search emails and attachments, deduplicate and produce to PST all within a couple hours. I’ll wait to see what pitfalls lie in wait for me but for now, very happy with this product and can recommend it as a solution for others trying to solve this problem.

Click here to read this post in full on David’s blog, as well as his other reviews and knowledgeable posts about the industry.

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