Sherpa Software is always focused on superior customer support. It is important to us that the customers we serve have a great experience with us from the beginning of our relationship through the purchasing decision, and into any necessary technical support post implementation. One way in which we measure our customers experience is through a follow up correspondence that asks them to let us know how we did and if the product they purchased is meeting their expectations. Below is the response from Joel Commaford the Network Administrator at Nott Company located in Arden Hills, Minnesota.

Joel recently started using Discovery Attender and below he shares his thoughts on the product and the company.

Q: What would you say is unique about Sherpa, our services or our way of doing business?

A: I would say the tool itself is unique in that it is the only tool I saw that allows me perform e-discovery searches for all types of items from the same interface. (files, mail items, offline archive mail, etc). The service they offer to get you up and running with training is also unique. They want you to use their software but equally important is to know “how” to use the software.

Q: Has Discovery Attender delivered as promised?

A: Yes, the product does everything I wanted it to do and was easy to set up and use.

Q: In what ways did Sherpa make it easy for you to do business with us?

A: It was very easy to reach support for any questions I had. This was my first attempt at using. For the most part it was straight forward but I was able to run questions by support easily.

Q: Would you recommend Discovery Attender to others?

A: Yes, I would comfortably recommend this product.

Q: Should the opportunity arise, would you do business with Sherpa Software again?

A: Yes we would.

Thanks for the review, Joel! We encourage others to leave feedback on our products so that we can continually work to improve you’re experience!