Product Enhancements are Announced

User requests form the backbone of new features included in the latest version of Discovery Attender. Read below for more details on the product enhancements.

Search Criteria

New options include filters for messages with attachments, and those without dates. Additionally, PSTs found in file searches can now be processed automatically as an email store without having to create an exception or run a separate scan.

Search MBOX Natively

In version 4.2, MBOX files that can be searched natively using standard email based criteria. MBOX sourced results will be exported to .EML format. In addition, improved MBOX and EML conversions options are available in the PreSearch Tool.

Views & Statistics

Discovery Attender’s result views will be enhanced by additional reporting for unique keywords and single keyword results.

Microsoft 365 Filters

To improve performance and reporting with Microsoft 365 data stores, Discovery Attender 4.2 will now include optional keyword filters that interact with the native Exchange index to speed up processing.

PreSearch Tool Improvements

To maximize efficiency when exporting, converting or collecting statistics, new multi-threaded capabilities have been added to the PreSearch tool.  Additionally, deduplication has been optimized and detailed relationship views (part of the Snapshot function) are now available.


  • Updated false positive handling with PATTERNs
  • PST folder selection inside the wizard
  • Alternate log file locations
  • New Open File Location option for file based results


If all goes well, Sherpa expects the full release of Discovery Attender 4.2 in Q1 of 2020.  A Beta version is now available to customers with active maintenance. Please contact technical support at for a demonstration of the new features or to arrange a download of the Beta release for testing.