Sherpa Software recently participated in the National Conference on Managing Electronic Records ( in Chicago. MER typically attracts a large number of legal, records management and information technology professionals who are responsible for information governance (IG) initiatives within their organizations. In addition to seeing customers who are currently using Sherpa products to help managed their unstructured data, we also had the opportunity to meet with several new companies who are in the process of planning their first IG project.

What we discovered:

Finding an effective means of managing large quantities of electronic documents, particularly on network file shares, was a common problem on the minds of many attendees this year. This need is particularly acute for organizations that are a potential target for litigation. Many of the show attendees were concerned about being able to effectively search and cull large amounts of electronic documents which is a very real necessity if they receive an electronic discovery request. The eDiscovery module of Sherpa’s Altitude IG® platform was a particularly interesting option for many of the individuals we met with, since it offers the ability to conduct thorough searches of in-place content, then spread the review of those search results across a team of individuals.

How we can help:

Many of these organizations have recognized the benefits of conducting eDiscovery searches in-house. Altitude IG’s eDiscovery module can be used to locate content, apply a set of comprehensive search criteria and create a result set. In addition to eDiscovery, Altitude IG offers data reporting and analytics and policy enforcement modules designed to conveniently and consistently locate, identify, catalog and manage corporate electronic data, regardless of where users are storing information. Leveraging your internal rehuhuhsources to shrink the number of potentially responsive items significantly decreases costs, the number of outside counsel consulting hours needed, and minimizes the per-gigabyte hosting fees imposed by many review platforms.


If you were unable to meet with us or attend MER, feel free to contact us or schedule a demo to see if Altitude IG is right for you.