On October 1, 2015 Microsoft announced the general availability of Exchange Server 2016. This release has particular significance for Sherpa Software clients who are using Mail Attender for Exchange. For over a decade, Sherpa’s Mail Attender product has utilized the MAPI connection method to provide our clients with rich mailbox management capabilities. In Exchange Server 2016, Microsoft has deprecated support for MAPI in lieu of the more modern Exchange Web Services (EWS) connection method. This same technical issue will apply to Office 365 clients as Microsoft migrates their cloud email service to Exchange 2016.

If you are a current Mail Attender customer interested in moving to Exchange 2016 or Office 365, Sherpa is providing a migration path to our Altitude IG platform. Altitude delivers the same robust email management capabilities that you rely on in Mail Attender along with full EWS support for Exchange 2016. Built on a modular application architecture, Altitude agents also allow organizations to extend policy administration to a wider number of content sources including network file shares and SharePoint. Finally, Altitude can benefit other members of your team by providing eDiscovery searching for the legal team, content analytics for executive management and (soon) classification technology for records managers.

Sherpa Software is excited to share this next generation of our technology with our loyal Mail Attender clients. To schedule a discussion about how we can help you migrate to Altitude or to see the product in action, schedule a demo with us today.