I was very honored to be invited to speak at the inaugural Information Governance Conference (INFOGOV14) being held in Hartford, CT from September 8-10. In my view, this event signals the emergence of information governance (IG) as a serious stand-alone discipline and not just a component of eDiscovery or records management.

It seems that the national news spotlights an information governance-related story on almost a weekly basis. From data breaches to email subpoenas, businesses are beginning to understand that their electronically stored information is an important asset that must be managed and safeguarded. INFOGOV14 is geared toward helping attendees gain a wide understanding of information governance topics by featuring dozens of break-out sessions along with a wide slate of educational opportunities including:

  • Becoming a certified information governance professional
  • Principles of holistic information governance
  • Information governance basics workshop
  • Change management (from a governance perspective)
  • SharePoint governance
  • Records management and information governance in SharePoint

My session, “Information Governance for IT Professionals,” explores the vital role that IT plays in an IG project through these topics:

  • What information governance is, and why is it important
  • What IT should expect when tasked with implementing IG
  • Practical ways that IT can begin preparing for IG

Make sure you attend! The session is on September 8 from  4 to 4:30 p.m. in the Optismo Room.

If your company is planning to embark on an information governance project in the coming year, this event is a great educational opportunity – and at only $299, one of the more affordable conferences I’ve seen in a long time. If you plan to attend, please stop by the Sherpa Software booth and say hello or follow me at @SherpaRick to get the latest conference updates.