Currently in beta, Discovery Attender 3.91 will be released to a general audience in just a few weeks.  Included in this release are some helpful new features:

Enhanced SharePoint Support

Discovery Attender has supported the searching of document libraries in SharePoint 2007 and 2010 for some time. This new version extends that support to SharePoint 2013 servers.  In addition, many new data types can be accessed, searched and exported, including wikis, blogs, attachments and many other types of data.

Expanded Microsoft 365 Features

Discovery Attender has added features to enhance its support of Microsoft 365 and other EWS-based data sources to include Online Archives and Public Folders. In addition, the connection protocol has been rewritten to improve connectivity and increase processing speed.

Exported Result List Comparison

This new feature allows users to mark all items that match a list of Result GUIDs.  For example, let’s say you send a CSV report to the requester of the data and they come back with an abbreviated list of items they would like export.  Discovery Attender now gives you the capability to mark the matching documents in your results set by matching the unique IDs.