The top three risk zones that create dangerous vulnerabilities for a company’s email system are social media, use of personal email accounts and Internet use. 


Sherpa Software’s Rick Wilson suggests that all three risks are easily rolled up into one key issue, and that’s lack of employee awareness.

Common knowledge in the IT industry does not always filter through an organization and employees have limited understanding of the ways in which unintentional activities can compromise an email network.

While employee awareness may be the first line of defense, software solutions provide the backup to human error.

Rick works with business to streamline workforce processes regarding risk analysis, database administration, document retention and software training.

Prior to Sherpa, Rick was a project manager for Tachyon Solutions, a Pittsburgh-based e-commerce consulting firm. Rick earned a bachelor of science degree in business administration from Geneva College.

Companies don’t create or enforce these policies to save money –  it’s all about reducing liability associated with human nature.

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