In recent months the Sherpa team has experienced a surge of interest in tools that will integrate with the Microsoft 365 cloud. As you may know, Discovery Attender was recently updated to allow searching of Microsoft 365 content and our developers have now turned their attention to adding support for the hosted service into Mail Attender version 5.

Using a combination of Exchange Web Services (EWS) and MAPI, Mail Attender 5 will support management of both the mailbox and online archive stores in Microsoft 365. All of the popular Mail Attender actions to copy, move, delete or report on data will be supported. Along with these email management capabilities, we are also working on extending Mail Attender’s statistics gathering capabilities into the cloud. We believe that Microsoft 365 support will be a valuable addition for users who are undertaking a cloud migration project or considering a hybrid deployment scenario as part of their ongoing email management strategy.

Along with Microsoft 365 support, Mail Attender 5 will feature user interface updates to the main console in order to make navigation a bit more intuitive. Development time permitting, there may also be a native 64 bit version of Mail Attender along with some other customer feature requests. If you would like to know more about Mail Attender please contact Sherpa sales or our customer support team.